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Remembering your soul's purpose. Multi-dimensional Coaching and Healing.


Activate your multi-dimensional potential

Let your soul remember!Ready to embody your soul's potential and create an abundant life? Can you feel the inner urgency of your calling? It's your time to shine!


My mission

Hi there! I'm Valeria Iannini, PhD. Fully-certified since 2010, I am a Soul Purpose Coach, an Energy Healer, a Reiki Master, a Lemurian Healing™ Practitioner, a Multidimensional Facilitator. I live on a boat named "Mystic Lady" and the energy of the water that surrounds me is something that makes my sessions unique and very powerful and that facilitates the connection of my clients to the spirit of Lemuria.
 I'm calling to help you to bring forth your best. You have a special gift for the world and it is your life purpose.

Through my personal approach, channeling from my Lemurian guides, I offer you a way to access the highest energy level possible.


Distance Lemurian Healing™

30 min remote session Price: heartfelt donation

Lemurian Healing is a 5D healing modality designed for a 3D world. It was co-created by Hawaii-based spiritual teachers and healers, David Bower and Mamiko Maridianna. Lemurian Healing is a simple, practical energy healing technique that weaves ancient healing wisdom. Lemurian Healing facilitates healing on four levels simultaneously—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Distance Reiki Session

30 min remote session Price: heartfelt donation

Reiki is non-invasive and is used holistically to restore balance in mind, body and spirit while promoting the body's regenerative self-healing ability. 

Cat and Dog

Psychic Pet Reading

30 min Price: heartfelt donation

I will channel your beloved pet, attune to their energies and decipher their thoughts and feelings as I work with my own animal spirit guides. Be it comfort or guidance, hear the inner voice of your best friend as they come forth to touch your heart. You may choose to ask for guidance on any subject or simply consult their thoughts and feelings.


Soul Reading (Remote session)

30 min Price: heartfelt donation

My Soul Reading provide you an in-depth look at your soul’s journey and your life path. With your permission, I will access your Akashic Record and do the research. In my readings, I visualise past life memories which are relevant to the client’s current life situation. Understanding this connection, together with healing any cords and contracts between those involved, helps clear any blockages or limitations which are preventing you from moving forwards.I will always encourage you to look to your own power and harness it to help you access your divine inner knowing. I'm not there to fix you, I'm there to empower you. This is a healing session with extra-sensory information. 


1:1 Soul Purpose Coaching and Healing Program

Activate your Multi-Dimensional Potential and Remember your soul's purpose!

My one to one Soul Purpose Coaching programme runs over 10 weeks. The programme includes a 1 hour telephone or zoom consultation each week, along with supporting materials sent via email. I'll guide you to the full recognition of your Soul’s Purpose, to Clarify your personal path and to embody your mission.This work is for you, if you: have a feeling you are a starseed, lightworker or you feel connected to the energies of Lemuria. Now is the time for you to embody your soul’s purpose and: Be clear,  Know your soul’s path and mission, Activate your unique divine abilities, Create a life of fulfillment, freedom, and abundance, Elevate into high vibrational multi-dimensional awareness.

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Lemurian Codes: Align to your soul

1 hour session. Price: £40

This one-hour session integrates guided meditation, Lemurian water ceremony and powerful energy healing techniques that activate ancient Lemurian codes in your DNA. I'll guide you to open the Akashic Records, release past lives blockages and heal ancestral wounds so that you will be able to move towards the full recognition of your Soul’s Alignment and to reintegrate all the Multi-Dimensional aspects of your Higher Self.

*I can provide my sessions in English and Italian


Rebecca Campbell

“I call forth the soul gifts and soul training that I’ve received throughout all of my lifetimes. I’m ready to embody them all now, without hesitation or fear. I fully commit to being here now. I’m ready to step into my soul’s highest and most potent calling. I’ve been training for this for lifetimes.”


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England, UK

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Unleash the brilliance of who you are! Unlock hidden spiritual gifts and learn how to use them properly 

Now is the time for you to:• Bring forth the ancient wisdom encoded within your cells.• Allow yourself to look back into your future past and rest in the Truth of your psychic abilities and expanded intuition.• Access hidden skills, abilities, and talents you had hoped could be true for you.• Experience a deeper connection with the cosmic nature of the Earth.• Reconnect to the innate intelligence of your Body.


What Clients Have Said

My sessions with Valeria were gentle and powerful, each session built on the one before and I felt completely secure to relax and know that great healing work was taking place each time.


Thanks so much for the powerful healing yesterday! I could feel it healing me on all levels and you absolutely healed my back issues...


Thank you Valeria for this experience!Throughout the session, I had many moments of chills and energy rushing down my legs (which is often a signal for me that I'm receiving downloads).There was a moment where my human body was knocked out (presumably so my mind didn't get in the way). But then I received a big rush of energy travel from my crown down to my toes that brought my attention back, after which I felt complete stillness. 


This has been a truly beautiful and meaningful experience for me and I am forever grateful


That was such a good reading. It resonated so much with me! Thank you for what you do. You are truly amazing.


Thank you so much Valeria, I loved and was fascinated by everything you said and it’s a massive comfort to know my dear Tony is still around me and that he is a guide to me is so wonderful! Thank you, it is such a JOY to be reconnected with my dear boy again!


The healing was a truly beautiful experience. I love how I felt the process start a few days prior through connecting into my higher self with the intentions I had since it further crystallized the knowing that we always create what we are. During the session, I felt beautiful watery light rippling through my body and was given visions and messages synchronistic to what Valeria proceeded to relay to me afterwards. It was as though I was being held immersed in soft water as I expanded into a fuller version of myself. To trust the instinct in one's heart is the way to live so if anyone has that open inkling to work with Valeria, explore it. My suggestion is to listen to your heart and move forward into what it guides you for that is how the soul speaks through the body; through love, through joy, through wonder.