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Activate your multi-dimensional potential

Let your soul remember!Ready to embody your soul's potential and create an abundant life? Can you feel the inner urgency of your calling? It's your time to shine!


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Your Inner Sea 

Guided journal for your soul

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Lemurian Water Rituals 

Free guide 

This is your News & Resources Article. It’s a great place to update your visitors about industry news, or publish announcements about yourself and your coaching services. You can also use this space to publish relevant tips and link to helpful resources for your visitors. Informational Articles can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field, and keep your visitors engaged. Choose a great image or photo to feature in your article or add a video for extra engagement! Keep it interesting and relevant so that your readers read it through till the very end.


My mission

Hi there! I'm Valeria Iannini, PhD. Fully-certified since 2010, I am a Soul Purpose Coach, an Energy Healer, a Reiki Master, a Lemurian Healing™ Practitioner, a Multidimensional Facilitator. I live on a boat named "Mystic Lady" and the energy of the water that surrounds me is something that makes my sessions unique and very powerful and that facilitates the connection of my clients to the spirit of Lemuria.
 I'm calling to help you to bring forth your best. You have a special gift for the world and it is your life purpose.

Through my personal approach, channeling from my Lemurian guides, I offer you a way to access the highest energy level possible.


Rebecca Campbell

“I call forth the soul gifts and soul training that I’ve received throughout all of my lifetimes. I’m ready to embody them all now, without hesitation or fear. I fully commit to being here now. I’m ready to step into my soul’s highest and most potent calling. I’ve been training for this for lifetimes.”


Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a session.

England, UK

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Unleash the brilliance of who you are! Unlock hidden spiritual gifts and learn how to use them properly 

Now is the time for you to:• Bring forth the ancient wisdom encoded within your cells.• Allow yourself to look back into your future past and rest in the Truth of your psychic abilities and expanded intuition.• Access hidden skills, abilities, and talents you had hoped could be true for you.• Experience a deeper connection with the cosmic nature of the Earth.• Reconnect to the innate intelligence of your Body.


What Clients Have Said

My sessions with Valeria were gentle and powerful, each session built on the one before and I felt completely secure to relax and know that great healing work was taking place each time.


Thanks so much for the powerful healing yesterday! I could feel it healing me on all levels and you absolutely healed my back issues...


Thank you Valeria for this experience!Throughout the session, I had many moments of chills and energy rushing down my legs (which is often a signal for me that I'm receiving downloads).There was a moment where my human body was knocked out (presumably so my mind didn't get in the way). But then I received a big rush of energy travel from my crown down to my toes that brought my attention back, after which I felt complete stillness. 


This has been a truly beautiful and meaningful experience for me and I am forever grateful


That was such a good reading. It resonated so much with me! Thank you for what you do. You are truly amazing.


Thank you so much Valeria, I loved and was fascinated by everything you said and it’s a massive comfort to know my dear Tony is still around me and that he is a guide to me is so wonderful! Thank you, it is such a JOY to be reconnected with my dear boy again!


The healing was a truly beautiful experience. I love how I felt the process start a few days prior through connecting into my higher self with the intentions I had since it further crystallized the knowing that we always create what we are. During the session, I felt beautiful watery light rippling through my body and was given visions and messages synchronistic to what Valeria proceeded to relay to me afterwards. It was as though I was being held immersed in soft water as I expanded into a fuller version of myself. To trust the instinct in one's heart is the way to live so if anyone has that open inkling to work with Valeria, explore it. My suggestion is to listen to your heart and move forward into what it guides you for that is how the soul speaks through the body; through love, through joy, through wonder. 


We are living in unprecedented times with tumultuous change at the moment.  Nothing appears to be stable.  A person’s outside and inside worlds may be in total chaos.  What to do next and the fear of moving forward can be daunting.  These situations led me to asking life’s important questions……. Who am I?What was I born to do in this lifetime?How can I live my life, in effortless ease while navigating the trials of my outside world?This is where Valeria as a Soul Purpose Coach has helped me to gain clarity in answering these questions.She has the beautiful ability to tap into the powerful Lemurian Healing energy to investigate if there are any present or past life traumas that are inhibiting me.  We explored different worlds in our sessions together.  Uncovering any blocks and past life traumas that needed healing.  It was a beautiful co-creation and she was able to validate some of my glimpses and intuitions I had around my past life’s. As a result of our sessions together I can feel my expansion from my heart space in all I do and more often in states of Peace, Love and Compassion.I always felt that Valeria had my wellbeing at the forefront of all our healing sessions together.  A really beautiful loving energy.  It definitely has been a privilege to work with her.I thoroughly recommend and endorse Valeria in her work as a Soul Purpose Coach. Much Love to all,Derek Riley 


I am very grateful for our coaching session. With your clarity and understanding of different spiritual traditions, you have been very helpful to give confirmations and bring a new understanding on my origins and my role on Earth. You saw beyond the veils and brought messages and visions with valuable insights and inspirations. Our session was very empowering and your connection to the spirit realm felt very pure. Highly recommended. Thank you for your great contribution to my journey and my purpose on Earth.


Firstly thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to get Reiki Goddess session and Channelised reading from you.. trust me all the details you have sent after the session all the messages resonate extremely well and there are some future messages which I will definitely come back to you in future to let you know if that resonates as well !I highly highly recommend you to anyone who would like to take session from you to get clarity regarding their situation and I really like how supportive you are throughout the session and it was in amazing experience working with you. Getting the session was one of the best decision and I am so glad that I got your precious guidance thank you so much!


I had a wonderful session with Valeria. The energy I received felt loving and allowed me to integrate more self love. Her report was detailed and informative. She was responsive, kind and helpful. I definitely recommend Valeria’s services!



Coaching and Healing Services


Distance Lemurian Healing ™

30 min remote session (no call required)Fee: £16

Lemurian Healing is a simple, powerful energy technique that weaves ancient healing wisdom with heart-centered client care. Because it taps into universal love and light and actively engages the higher selves of both the healer and the healee, Lemurian Healing facilitates healing on four levels simultaneously—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Lemurian Healing is a 5D healing modality designed for a 3D world.Lemurian Healing was co-created by Hawaii-based spiritual teachers and healers, David Bower and Mamiko Maridianna. The core of their healing modality is based on channeled wisdom from the Goddess temples of ancient Lemuria.
Lemurian Healing has helped thousands of people release emotional issues, improve relationships, awaken spiritually, achieve greater clarity, overcome health challenges, experience more love, and manifest more joyful, abundant lives.
After the session I'll send you report.
After your booking please pay here:https://paypal.me/thenewlemuria/16


Package of 3 sessions: Distance Lemurian Healing ™

3 sessions (3x30min) once a week Fee:£44

Lemurian Healing facilitates healing on four levels simultaneously—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Lemurian Healing is a 5D healing modality designed for a 3D world.
​Dr. Valeria received is certified to Practice Lemurian Healing and is listed on the official Lemurian Healing website https://lemurianhealing.com/sessions/practitioners. 
What to expect
 The sessions will be structured as follows:1x 30 minute session each week for 3x weeks.1) Choose dates and a times from my calendar. The session lasts half an hour and is remote (no call required ), you just need to find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, lie down or sit comfortably for that half hour, open to receive the Healing. 
2) Please Pay your sessions here:https://paypal.me/thenewlemuria/44
3)Before the session, we’ll establish by email a clear, mutual intent for your healing (your intention may change between sessions, that’s completely fine - I will check in with you after the first session to confirm if your healing intention is the same for the next session or if you would like to modify it, and I will check in again before our final session. )

4) After the energy work I’ll send you a report insights, messages or suggestions I receive from my guides.


Light of Lemuria Reiki 

30min remote session Fee: £16

This type of Reiki is for those who feel drawn to Lemuria, want to bring more light in to establish the New Earth and awaken to your gifts from Lemuria. Your time with the Light of Lemuria is an initiation and activation of the Lemuria New Earth codes, and your own awakening.Just as with any Light activation or Reiki healing it is equally an opportunity to gather your energy whilst taking pause in your day.During your healing there is nothing that is needed of you. Rest into the bathing light and be open to receiving. You may experience colours, flashbacks of past-lives, a whole new type of frequency pulsing through your body.
After your booking please pay here:



Multidimensional Soul Reading 

30min remote sessionFee: £25

Who are you, Where do you come from? A Multidimensional Soul reading brings through your cosmic connections, details of your star system, information of your past lives on Earth and a personal message from your guides. It's time to remember who you truly are.Lets open the cosmic gateway to your Higher Self!You will awaken your Multidimensional aspects that will accelerate the realisation of your soul's purpose. I will be tuning into your higher self, oversoul and spiritual team to bring forth any image and codes that offer you what is relevant such as deep DNA activations, cleansing, healing, and multidimensional remembrance.You will receive:1)30 min distance energy healing session1)A Report by email after the session 2)Personal light codes channeled and then digital designed for you to use in your manifesting and visualisation. (In Mp4 version and printable PDF within 24 hours)This is a Healing Graphic design, intuitively channeled and guided by my spiritual guides with your energy that allows you to focus and Enter in resonance with your essence, release and unlock YOUR inner wisdom.Light Codes bypass the limitations of our conscious language. They're meant to be felt and they speak directly to our heart and soul. I channel light frequencies, which I materialize and anchor into this physical reality in the form of symbols, which you can easily connect to.Through anchoring light in these symbols, I create an energetic key for you; a doorway to access and align higher frequencies within yourself. After your booking please pay here:



1:1 Soul Purpose Coaching and Healing Program

10 weeks programFee: £500

My one to one Soul Purpose Coaching programme runs over 10 weeks. The programme includes a 1 hour zoom consultation each week, 30 min Distance Lemurian Healing each week, 35 pages Multidimensional workbook "A journey to Lemuria", and supporting materials sent via email. I'll guide you to the full recognition of your Soul’s Purpose, to Clarify your personal path and to embody your mission.This work is for you, if you: have a feeling you are a starseed, lightworker or you feel connected to the energies of Lemuria. Now is the time for you to embody your soul’s purpose and: Be clear, Know your soul’s path and mission, Activate your unique divine abilities, Create a life of fulfillment, freedom, and abundance, Elevate into high vibrational multi-dimensional awareness.Do you feel:– you’re here for something important, bigger, but not sure exactly what?– you’re not making the most of your potential, or living your best life?– you’re definitely on your path, but having lots of problems and can’t make progress the way you’d like?This programme is for you.There’s a greater purpose to your life, a deeper reason why you’re here.Why you’re the person you are, in this body, with this history, living this life now.Understanding what you’re really here for and finding your way to your highest destiny, the path your Soul has set out for you (or better!) is the key to your fulfillment. At the end of this coaching and healing programme you will activate your Lemurian DNA and unlock your multidimensional aspects so that you can fully express your potential and discover your soul's purpose. 1)REMEMBER Lemuria and activate your DNA.2) RELEASE old timelines and distortions 3) ALIGN with your soul's purpose4) EMBODY your full potential.I have created this programme to help you:– strengthen your intuition and get clarity on your soul’s purpose — so that you can make confident choices and be sure you’re on your path– release soul contracts and other unconscious blocks — so that you can get unstuck and have more freedom and energy to make new choices and create your destiny– experience more flow, as you channel more of your soul energy and align with your soul’s plan for your life — so that you can make a bigger impact in life and benefit not only yourself, but all of humanity.In 10 weeks you will:Learn how to build a strong connection with your soul and anchoring your divine purpose on Earth.Uncover what is holding you back from showing up in your most powerful expression and heal your past lives wounds. Access the Quantum field, collapse old timelines and create a new one aligned with your highest vision.Heal and activate your heart portal so that you can receive inspired downloads. Disconnect and unplug from timelines and distortions that are no longer serving you. If you are ready to activate your unique gifts, uncover your soul's purpose to offer the world, reclaim your power and manifest abundance in your life schedule a discovery call!
*The program is fully booked at the moment but you can join the waiting list.  I'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Goddess Guinevere Reiki 

30 min (Remote session)Fee: £16

This is a Reiki for those who are heartbroken or who are searching for the soulmate. Goddess Guinevere inspires us to unite and rise to new heights that perhaps we think are impossible or unattainable. She teaches us about giving and receiving love both spiritually and physically.Goddess Guinevere is the Goddess of Love and Relationships and we can call upon her to help us with romance, love, and any female issues or concerns. She will help us in the area of ​​romantic love.Goddess Guinevere can also be invoked to help us when we are struggling with getting our romantic needs met in a relationship. She can help us tofind what is needed to bring passion into our relationships.We can call upon her to help us find true love, our soul mate, romance, and beautiful relationships, she can guide us into the arms of our soul mate.
The session lasts half an hour and is remote (NO contact required), you have just to find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, open to receive the Healing. After the session, I’ll send you a brief report.

After your booking please pay here:https://paypal.me/thenewlemuria/16

I deliver my sessions in English and Italian
Le sessioni sono in Inglese o in Italiano